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DED wears Barmetal, debut album Mis-An-Thrope out now!

We from Barmetal are huge fans of the band DED, they just released their killer debut album "Mis-An-Thrope" which you definitely have to check out by the way! So, its even a bigger honor to have them wearing Barmetal Clothing! Check out pics of Joe Cotela wearing the "smoke art" design, Kyle Koelsch wearing the "racer" design and Matt Reinhard wearing the "barmetal bible" tee and the "trisha" boardshorts.


Ded Joe Cotela mis-an-thrope

Ded matt reinhard mis-an-thrope

Ded kyle koelsch mis-an-thrope


Right now we can see something like a 2nd wave of nu-metal with the likes of band's such as Keychain from Canada, Dirty Machine from L.A. and Killset from L.A. DED will definitely also be a huge part of this 2nd wave of nu-metal, playing with KoRn and Stone Sour "The Serenity of Summer" tour throughout the US.


New Noise Magazine says about DED's debut album:

Mis-An-Thrope succeeds because it remembers what was good about nu-metal in its heyday: combining misanthropic, relatable lyrics with brash music that finds a sweet spot between metal, hardcore, and melodic rock.


Chimera Magazine says about DED's debut album:

Misanthrope’ is a great debut effort from beginning to end. The mix of genres, and influences, is really cool, the playing is excellent, and the vocals are diverse; spreading a wide array of styles. So if you like a new spin on the nu-metal genre, then go check out Ded; either on tour or on their album, ‘Misanthrope‘.


Cryptic Rock says about DED's debut album:

Word on the street is that Nu Metal is making a massive comeback: if that be the case, then listeners can put Ded at the forefront of this sonic revolution. Cementing their place at the podium is their debut disc, Mis-An-Thrope, which became available on July 21, 2017, thanks to Suretone Records.


We from Barmetal Clothing hope the band makes it soon to Europe and we can't wait to see them live!!! So, make sure you buy a copy of their debut album "Mis-An-Trhope"