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Review Pothole Rodeo Rallye

We just had a blast at the 2016 Edition of the Pothole Rodeo. Barmetal has been 1 of the sponsors and we made the official Rallye shirt which you can only get if you are part of the Pothole Rodeo adventure. This is probably the coolest Roadtrip experience in the entire world!


You will expect piston jamming mountain roads, awesome landscapes, deserted monuments and adventurous streets, which will be a hardness test for man and machine.


Its a long-distance roadtrip, which will start in the beautiful city of Graz, crossing Hungary and Serbia, further Romania and the incredible coast of the black sea in Bulgaria, then Greece and the amazing coast of the Aegean Sea followed by Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Croatia. Required for being part of this wicked roadtrip is a crap car which is at least 20 years old and doesn’t cost more than 500 Euros.


So, since this Rallye is getting more and more popular each year, you should not hesitate to fill out the 2017 application at There are only 55 teams aloud, so it will be quickly sold out like this year.


Here are some pics from the roadtrip:


pothole rodeo 2 foto2

pothole rodeo 1 fotos

pothole rodeo 3

pothole rodeo 4

pothole rodeo 5

pothole rodeo 6

pothole rodeo 12

pothole rodeo 7

pothole rodeo 8

pothole rodeo 9

pothole rodeo 11

pothole rodeo 13

pothole rodeo 16

pothole rodeo 14

pothole rodeo 15