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We are proud to have Kroto from the band Hope representing Barmetal!


Kroto Hope band Nu Metal Poland

Short Band Bio:

They say that hope is a mother of fools. Maybe it's true, but it is better to be fool than an orphan... That's how HOPE was born, from a group of rowdy and stupid kids, who dream of earning fat money, hangin' out with porn stars, not giving... a f**k about all the rest and just playin' beloved music. Everything started as they wanted, they still borrow cash for their own gigs, porn stars entertain them only on their hard disk drives and everyone around does not give a f**k about them... only the music they grew up on does not want to f**k off! HOPE's music is a mix of hip-hop and nu-metal making the listener feel something in between a need for an ecstatic puke and wondering what the heck has the owner eaten before if came to the place. But, hoping that somebody will stumble upon them someday, they play the music that for them is like a private visitation at God's mansion...


You can catch Hope this summer playing on 7.6.2015 with Limp Bizkit in Krakow or on 16.6.2015 playing with Body Count in Warsaw!

For more infos about Hope click here!